I was treated by Dr. Kevin for some recurring feet and lower back issues.  The first time I saw him I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Dr. Kevin was very patient, kind and knowledgeable. He asked many clarifying questions to learn more about the areas that bothered me most and developed a treatment plan. I felt immediate relief just after one visit and continued treatments to ensure my pain level was down to almost zero. He demonstrated several exercises and provided excellent guidance to help me stretch and loosen the painful muscles.
I highly recommend Dr. Kevin. He is an excellent practitioner and wonderful human being.

- Jasmine Robinson

Dr. Kevin Choo is a kind and thoughtful human and doctor. He is very thorough in asking questions and taking into account the possibilities as to how an injury occured to discover why a symptom is presenting. I’ve benefited greatly from his treatment, both in laser therapy and soft tissue work using therapists tools to help the area heal. I had never experienced laser therapy prior to his treatment and can say I am a whole hearted believer in its capabilities to treat and help heal a wide array of symptoms, including dermatological, headache, and soft tissue/tendon/ligament(rotator cuff and knee) related for me personally. I will definitely return for treatment when I need to in the future!

- Mariah Moon

Dr. Kevin is a bonafide healer! As soon as you meet him, you can sense his love for his work and his commitment to healing. He was very empathetic to my issues with plantar fasciitis and took the time to sit down and talk to me about getting to the real source of the issue. Carpinteria is lucky to have a such a talent like Dr Choo!

- Maude Boersema

Although I've never had a formal office-setting session with Kevin, he's helped me out on several occasions. That's because Kevin is the kind of guy that, if he thinks he can help, he's going to try. He's driven by the desire to help people feel better. As it turns out, he knows what he's talking about and he's good at what he does. So he does help, and I did feel better. Definitely recommend!

- Lisa Gray

I have been fortunate to know Kevin personally almost 25 years now. One of my first friends that I met in undergrad during our freshman year. He’s always a very dedicated student and worker and has remained a great friend over the years. Kevin was always a hard worker in the class room and throughout his lab work – and is always well organized and personable outside of school and the office. Kevin is one of the most loyal, resilient and hardworking people you’ll ever meet.


I have also had the pleasure of knowing Kevin “professionally” very recently. During this time of Covid lockdown – my back suddenly locked up on me one morning and I was barely able to bend, twist or turn. As someone who never had an experience like this in my life, I was very shocked and worried. With most doctors and chiropractors offices closed or difficult to schedule – I thought I’d give Dr. Choo a call and see if he could diagnose me virtually via Zoom. Kevin was very responsive and made time for me almost immediately – given my condition that was certainly appreciated. Dr. Choo was quickly able to diagnose what was ailing me and gave me some stretches and exercises which helped some immediately. After a few days of the exercise program – I am happy to say that I’ve been nearly pain free with a return to full mobility for almost 2 months now. Thanks Kevin for helping a friend in need! Best of luck in your practice – I know you’ll do great!

- Drew Hebert

Kevin Choo is one with integrity and passion.  Passion for his profession comes through when he speaks about chiropractics.  He is reliable and trustworthy.  If he says he will do something he does; he is a man of his word.  I have known him for over 15 years, and in that time he pursued a completely new career.  Not many people are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to do that, let alone, bring a renewed sense of excitement about the future.

- Galen DeGroodt