Founded in 1967, Activator technique delivers chiropractic adjustments using a spring-loaded instrument.  Through decades of peer-reviewed articles at the National Institute of Chiropractic Research, Activator has established a simple and highly replicable method of patient assessment designed to address the entire body.  The assessment protocol incorporates the neurological response to patient motion to indicate where an adjustment is warranted from their feet to their occiput, along with the line of correction.  The Activator instrument has calibrated settings of varying levels of force specific to the area of the body being adjusted, with those being optimized for ideal results through research.  It is extremely safe and can be dialed up to be powerful enough for animal chiropractors to use on horses, or gentle enough to be used on expectant mothers and young children.  Dr. Kevin uses the Activator V and credits adjustments to his left elbow and wrist with improving the output of his paddleboard strokes. 


Recent relevant research papers:

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Neurophysiologic Response to Intraoperative Lumbosacral Spinal Manipulation


Dr. Kevin believes in addressing the soft tissue in combination with chiropractic for optimal patient results.  He has seen firsthand how soft tissue work improves range of motion, strength, and function.  Following his initial surgery, Dr. Kevin was not expected to lift his left arm above shoulder level ever again.  Through constant treatment of his subscap and pec major, he has regained 80% of his left shoulder flexion, meaning he can now celebrate Michigan touchdowns with ease.  Dr. Kevin was certified in Active Release Technique prior to graduating from chiropractic school.  ART has been well established for 30 years and is now ubiquitously employed at the highest level of athletics; its founder received a Super Bowl ring for his work with the 2016 Denver Broncos.  Dr. Kevin now combines elements of the ART protocols with trigger point therapy and various instruments in order to achieve fascial release.  As your muscles all insert somewhere onto your skeleton, relieving muscular tightness will decrease tension on your bones, meaning adjustments will hold for a longer period of time. 

Dr. Kevin additionally addresses muscle tension using the Hypervolt percussive instrument, now used by every team in the NBA.

Recent relevant research papers:

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Low Level Laser Therapy represents the cutting edge of physical therapy innovation.  By affecting tissue at a cellular level, it helps to decrease pain and inflammation, regulate metabolism, upregulate mitochondria for increased energy production, and upregulate the precursors to connective tissue, thereby decreasing time of recovery.  Dr. Kevin uses the Erchonia XLR8 and EVRL in his practice as well as daily self-care.  While there are several medical lasers in production, Erchonia is the only manufacturer to carry FDA approvals, of which they have currently secured 17 through research-based results.  The models owned by Dr. Kevin are FDA approved for the treatment of chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain and reduced recovery time following surgery.  The EVRL model carries a violet diode which can be used to sterilize wounds, minimize infection, and a number of skin conditions.  It carries an additional FDA clearance for the reduction of acne vulgaris.  Dr. Kevin managed his pain from his joint replacement surgeries without the use of any prescribed opioids, something he could not have accomplished without daily laser treatments.  In addition to decreased pain, faster healing, and better function in his own left shoulder, Dr. Kevin has seen positive results using LLLT with fibromyalgia, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, and psoriasis.  He has also employed the neurological applications of LLLT to decrease recovery time following a concussion/traumatic brain injury.  Relevant to the pandemic, recent studies have indicated that LLLT using violet light in the 400-470 nm may suppress or inactivate COVID-19.      

Light as a potential treatment for pandemic coronavirus infections: A perspective


Additional relevant research papers:

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My friend's dog Cooper had cuts down to the bone following a scrap with another dog.  I treated him 6 times over 3 weeks following the removal of his stitches.  Note the absence of scarring.