What's wrong with me?

Life happens :).  I will conduct a thorough initial exam to best diagnose your condition(s), along with determining what you can do at home in order to improve your recovery.

Can you help me?

Absolutely.  I've spent the majority of the past two years applying all of these techniques in my own recovery.  I wasn't supposed to be able to raise my arm above my shoulder, and now I can surf (badly).  

How long will this take?

It has been demonstrated that the average recovery time from an acute injury takes around 12 chiropractic visits.  For optimal results, I recommend 2-3 visits for the first two weeks to be tapered off to wellness care as the patient improves.  Initial exams and adjustments will take an hour.  General appointments will last 30-45 minutes.


How much will this cost?

I am not registered with any insurance company as a national provider.  Initial exams will cost $60 + the cost of that day's adjustment.  Individual adjustments thereafter will be $60.  As regular adjustments, particularly in the initial phase of injury, improve recovery time, I am offering a monthly membership fee for $300 which would allow a patient to drop in as often as scheduling allows.  Patients will have the option to switch between monthly and individual visit fees as desired.  While there would be a separate fee incurred for each individual entrance exam, the monthly plan can be extended to cover additional family members at $100/person.    

  • Initial exam..... .................$60

  • Re-Evaluation exam..........$40

  • Treatment..... .................$60

  • Monthly membership........$300 + $100 for each additional family member added   

PRICING CHANGES: I am still waiving intake exam fees and offering a lower monthly membership price through June 15th.  Patients established under the pricing set to relieve financial hardship due to COVID will continue to be grandfathered in at those rates.  I have carried pandemic adjusted promotional pricing for the past year, and once the state reopens will be taking necessary measures to keep my practice financially viable.      


Here are the required new patient forms, please fill them out in advance and bring the completed forms to your first visit.  Fill the forms out to the best of your memory as this will provide me with the most complete picture of your health history.

New Patient Paperwork