Dr. Choo received his Moderna vaccine on January 18th and completed the process on February 16th.  While he expects for there to complications due to the scope of the vaccination process, he does believe it is the only way to return to some semblance of normalcy.  Masks will still be required within the office lobby despite the new ruling from the CDC.  Patients who have received both shots may remove their mask once in the treatment room.    

Regarding the vaccination process itself, Dr. Choo used the immune boosting protocol with the Erchonia Laser on the two days leading up to and following each of his vaccination jabs.  While he cannot promise similar results, his symptoms were limited to mild fatigue and an early bedtime the night after his second jab.  He took the day of and following his second shot off from work but feels he could have worked if needed.  For best results, be well rested and drink plenty of fluids before and after your shots.

The government appears to be committed to getting the general population vaccinated as soon as possible.  Dr. Choo encourages you to follow through if given the opportunity barring any allergy/respiratory-based complications in your past.  Information for registration can be found here: