Chiropractic is a natural method of healing focused on the restoration of normal signaling within the nervous system through gentle adjustments of the spine and extremities.  The jostles of life lead to impingements upon the nervous system which typically occur at the nerve roots as they exit the spine, at joints, or within the overlapping muscles of the extremities.  From a musculoskeletal standpoint, pain and inflammation act as a tripped circuit within the brain, initiating a cycle which progresses from muscular imbalances, altered posture/function, faulty motion, to structural degeneration.  Systemically, the majority of diseases stem from excessive or insufficient functioning of the body's organs.  Chiropractic restores natural nervous system function by realigning the spine and extremities, with the physiological response presenting as decreased pain, increased range of motion, and increased function.  While effective as a primary or adjunctive therapy for acute conditions, chiropractic is ideally used for wellness/preventative care.