It is with mixed emotions that I announce the essential closure of my office on August 6th.  Concerns about my longevity due to injury made this an eventuality; it has simply come to pass sooner than expected.  Please see below for list of providers who are well equipped to take over your care.  Carp, it's been an honor to serve, and I leave you in better hands than my own.



Dr. Ron DeSandre



Dr. DeSandre has been in practice over 20 years and uses drop table as his primary technique, which is still a low force approach to chiropractic.  He can adjust his treatment to use of the Adjustor (Activator equivalent), Percussor (Hypervolt equivalent), and Erchonia laser.  He additionally offers pressure wave therapy, which can increase the speed of recovery from musculoskeletal injury.  I have been seeing Dr. Ron for my personal care.          

Dr. Brian Kane



Dr. Kane is a fellow alumnus of LCCW and has been running the Carpinteria Wellness Center for the past 5 years.  Like Dr. Ron, he can offer an approach to patient care which resembles my own as he uses an Activator and Hypervolt in his practice.  Dr. Kane and his wife are additionally skilled massage therapists, and can perform myofascial release.

Drs. Mike and Ann Macy


Drs. Mike and Ann Macy have been in practice over 20 years in Santa Barbara.  They have been using Activator protocol for the entirety of their careers, and are licensed instructors in the technique.  Their office would be adjustments only and offer no soft tissue work.  


Shelby Donald



A recent Carpinteria transplant, Shelby is an MPT and yoga instructor.  She specializes in corrective exercises, myofascial release, and neuromuscular reeducation for orthopedic and neurological impairments.  She has direct experience applying these techniques to help patients recovering from a stroke or Parkinson's Disease.  Shelby has been my secret weapon in treating many of you through her consultation.  She's very knowledgeable and a font of positivity.


Maureen Holdaway



Maureen also works out of Dr. Ron's suite and has been in practice for several decades.  She has an excellent touch; I have also been seeing her for personal care and find her gentle but still highly effective.  Maureen is a student of life with additional training in reflexology, Reiki, and the King Technique of energy work.  She's a very kind soul I will miss seeing at the office.


Patricia Tenyer, DACM



Patricia offers a number of services which would benefit those of you who have been seeing me.  While a different form of tapping into patient neurology, I have found acupuncture to be highly effective for a number of symptoms in the past, including soft tissue injuries and adrenal fatigue.  Patricia additionally has trained as a massage therapist and offers myofascial release.  As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, she can also prescribe herbal remedies as an alternative option to medication.